My HTML & CSS Journey

My HTML & CSS Journey


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So far so good, my journey to HTML & CSS started Wayback when I was in school. Later I picked Computer Science to pursue as a career. Today I am a Computer engineer, and Mobile App Developer, Designer.

I always wanted to gain more and more knowledge on Web development, and by far I gained so much experience in this field.

Every time I see any opportunity, like new Frameworks, or new Technologies, I jump into it and give it a try to it. That's how I explore new things.

This time I enrolled myself in Bootcamp, which is superb in Quality and Teaching. It's time that I push myself more into this field.

It all can sound tough but it's not, we all have 24 hours, we've to manage time to get to the stage that we always wanted.

Let me share what I learned in just 2 weeks, spending 1-4 hours each day studying.

I created 15 Templates which was part of the Assignment, by that I got so much confidence and design thinking that I am improving day by day on these skills.

I got to learn so many things like ::after, ::selection, not only these, there are lots of things I learned that I can't express through writing, it's just pure experience.